Tech n Travel

Prince of Persia, my first memory of using a personal computer, those monochrome 8 bit visuals created a lasting impression. Gaming got me hooked to computers, tweaking HIMEM.SYS on DOS/WIN3.11 486 machine to run games, assembling and troubleshooting machines for pocket money was fun. Things got more intresting with introduction of the mobile platform, during its early days I got to play around with Symbian OS, Windows Mobile 6.1, Android. I remember booting Android Cupcake on my Windows Xperia1 using an HTC ROM, this very moment made me a Android follower.

On professional front I got introduced to the power of Linux in early 2006 while working for a VFX studio, managing a render farm of 500+ Linux nodes. Linux opened a new avenue of exploration - open source tools, various free operating systems. Over a period of past few years I have worked with some amazing companies, got to be part of awesome Linux development projects, build - manage - train teams across multiple locations. Currently I am working as a Sr Devops Engineer and managing Cloud infrastructure at Reliance JIO, with focus on Openstack, System Deployment, Automation and Solution Delivery.